AI Transforming the Customer Experience

AI customer experience is transforming how businesses interact with their customers by utilizing advanced technology such as machine learning & chatbots for an enhanced level of service.

AI Transforming the Customer Experience

AI customer experience is the practice of utilizing advanced technology, such as machine learning, chatbots, and conversational user experience, to make every touchpoint as efficient and seamless as possible. This technology helps create a more personalized customer experience that can seem surprisingly “human”. In fact, Hubspot found that 63% of people using AI-powered services, such as chatbots, didn't realize that they were using AI. Today, among the top companies on the Fortune 1000 list, investment in big data and AI is almost universal.

99% of companies state that they are actively investing and another 91.9% say that the pace of investment is accelerating. AI analysis of customer data and context can help generate targeted ads that are highly relevant to the customer's interests and needs. For example, use a customer's browsing and purchase history to identify their interests and preferences, including in relation to location, time of day, or device. Predictive personalization is the effort and ability to predict the actions of users, based on their previous behaviors. AI effectively uses predictive personalization to improve the user experience by integrating it naturally into consumers' daily lives.

This AI-based personalization will make customers feel that each product or brand experience has been designed just for them. Predictive personalization will be especially useful for online purchases, where data collected on consumer behavior shown in online sessions is analyzed. It includes the amount of time spent on sites, pages, articles, purchases, forms filled out, searches performed, etc. Having a chatbot-based call center is a great way to kickstart your CX goals, as it allows you to hear from your disgruntled customers when they call your customer service. Zendesk Content Cues is based on machine learning to identify discoverable assets and resources, specifically designed for agents who have to respond to the same or similar types of queries from callers. CX is measured not only by the quality of service but also by the time and effort spent fulfilling the order.

It is linked to the Customer Effort Score (CES). Consumers spend more time figuring out how to complete the payment process than buying itself. What customers expect from their brands is a faster mobile transaction. If the page takes longer than 30 seconds to load, 50% of your buyers will return to the competitor's site. The CX market continues to evolve with AI and machine learning, and with tools such as ChatGPT4 available for testing and experimenting with customer service, the demand for AI would increase even more.

AI could be a costly tool to implement, maintain and train. However, if you have a clearer agenda for customer experience management with an AI-based contact center and AI-powered CRM software that integrates with your sales and marketing, it can have a big impact on your bottom line. Generative AI has the power to completely eliminate trial and error methods to provide a customer experience to omnichannel users. By analyzing and understanding how different customer segments interact with your brand, you can create more effective experiences by adapting strategies more quickly and precisely based on customer behavior, preferences and demographics. By using AI chat to answer pre-sales questions, you save valuable time for both your customers and your sales team. AI can help predict what items might interest a customer or tell them when it's time to place an order again.

So whether it's product review processes or customer service processes, AI allows companies to make informed decisions. When customers use the Starbucks app to place an order, they're almost certainly unaware of the magic of AI that works behind the scenes. Not only does AI help identify customers through behavioral and sentimental signals but it also filters these segments into groups that can be targeted with intelligent content and gamification tools. Companies that portray CX as an extension of their customer service are likely to retain customers and turn them into loyal ambassadors that attract more customers with “voice of the customer” initiatives. By evaluating aspects such as purchases and previous behaviors, Adrian said: “One way to do that is to ensure that AI touchpoints are expanded to more proactive stages of the customer journey. Companies have understood that AI-based customer journey analysis will be their most fundamental requirement for delivering a high-impact customer experience quickly and effectively. AI customer experience is the practice of using technology (including machine learning) to provide an enhanced level of service for customers at every stage of their journey.

This technology helps create a more personalized experience that can seem surprisingly “human” while also providing businesses with valuable insights into their customers' needs.

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